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Heartsaver First Aid Classes | Online Heartsaver First Aid Classes

Heartsaver First Aid Class

Heartsaver First Aid Classes | Online Heartsaver First Aid Classes

Course Duration

2 Hours

Certification Validity Period

1 Years
Class Instructor


Quinee Patel

Heartsaver First Aid Class Description

The American Heart Association offers basic training in First Aid which fulfills job requirements & other requirements for professional healthcare programs. This course does not require any prior medical training. 

Looking take an Online First Aid Class?

As a result of COVID-19, we also offer online First Aid Classes in the comfort of your own home or office. 

Simply click on the button below to check availability for online First Aid class. Once registered, you will receive a link to a Google Meets that will take place remotely. You will be joining an interactive online First Aid class where you can ask questions and participate in a comprehensive e-learning platform.

Heartsaver First Aid Course Curriculum

  • Manage illnesses and injuries in a timely manner for a child and infant
  • First aid basics (use of Epipens & Use, removal, and disposal of gloves)
  • Medical, injury & environmental emergencies
  • Controlling bleeding & bandaging (use a of a tourniquet)
  • Other emergencies: shock, internal bleeding & burns 
  • Dehydration, diabetes & low blood sugar
  • heat-and cold-related emergencies, drowning,
  • Amputations, broken bones and sprains, nose bleeds
  • Bites & splinters
  • Fainting, seizures, and injuries to the head, eyes, neck, spine, mouth, and teeth.
Class Certificate

American Heart Association (AHA) Course


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